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The Clarksville Police Department is accepting applications for RESERVE OFFICERS. 


Prospective candidates must be at least 21 years old and meet all other guidelines contained in the attached information.

Applications can be downloaded or picked-up in person but must be returned to the department by hand.  Applications must be completed FULLY (including all attachments) to be considered.

A physical agility test will be conducted for those candidates whose applications meet all criteria.  The specific date will be announced later this year.

The State of Indiana requires an ILEA certified 40-hour pre-basic class for anyone wishing to enter law enforcement in the state.  These classes can be found on the ILEA website and by calling around to local agencies to inquire when or if they will have a class.  Clarksville Police may provide a class but a candidate already having a class (completed no more than two years prior to application) may have their application expedited.

Reserve Officer spots are limited and the process is competitive.  Only those candidates meeting and excelling in all areas will be considered.

Questions and concerns can be directed to Chris Kraft-Chief Clarksville Police Reserves at

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