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Thunder Over Louisville 2024

The Clarksville Police Department hopes that all residents and visitors have a great time at Thunder.  In order to provide for a safe and secure event, the following rules will be strictly enforced prior to, during, and shortly after the event.  If you have any questions, please contact the Clarksville Police Department prior to the event.


The "Event Area" is the area starting at Main St. and Riverside Drive, and extending west along Riverside Drive ending at the Interpretive Center.  This includes all public park areas, flood walls, parking lots, and roads.

In order to provide a fun and enjoyable Thunder Experience for everyone, the following rules will be strictly enforced in the "Event Area":

No Alcohol

No Animals except Certified Service Animals

No Bicycles

No Motorcycles

No Mopeds

No Skateboards

No Roller skates / Roller Blades

No Unauthorized Golf Carts

No Glass Objects

No Grills

No Tents or Structures

No Flying Devices, Including Drones

All Bags, Coolers, Etc. are SUBJECT TO SEARCH in the event area.

All Indiana State Laws and Clarksville Town Ordinances will be enforced, including the ban on the use of Alcohol, Drugs, Disorderly Conduct, or any other means of distracting from the enjoyment of the event by the general public.

Parking Permits

The Clarksville Police Department will issue a limited number of passes for Residents and Businesses.  Residents are not required to have permits, however, after the south end of Clarksville has been closed to vehicular traffic, no one including residents will gain entry to the south end of Clarksville. 

To request a permit, contact the RECORDS DEPARTMENT at the Clarksville Police Department between the hours of 8am and 3:30pm., in person or call Phone 812.288.7151, or email


The closure of the south end is based on congestion of traffic in the area and can take place at any time and will continue until the conclusion of Thunder Over Louisville. 


Residents are strongly encourage to advise visitors to arrive early to the event.  No exceptions will be made. 


Once anyone leaves the south end in vehicular traffic, re-entry will only happen after the conclusion of Thunder Over Louisville and the south end traffic has been cleared (typically from 12:30am to 2am).

Road Closures 

When it is determined that the event area has become saturated with traffic, Command Officers will restrict access to the South End.  Once roadways are closed, the primary entry point for Residents ONLY will be North Clark at Brown Station Way (Near Culligan).  All other vehicles will be denied entry at this time.

Final Closing

The final closing will be determined by the amount of event traffic.  In the past it has occurred between 4 and 5pm but has occurred earlier and roads will become ONE WAY (Northbound) out of the event area by 8:50pm.  No southbound traffic will be permitted.

Eastbound Brown Station Way at Lewis and Clark will close at 8pm or as directed by the Officer in Charge.  Traffic will be routed to Lewis and Clark eastbound.  No westbound traffic will be allowed on Brown Station Way.

Friday, April 19th, 2024

11am   Riverside Drive at Main Street **CLOSED**

11am   South Sherwood and Winbourne Avenue

11am   Smyser Avenue at the Flood wall

Saturday, April 20th, 2024   THUNDER

6am     S. Clark @ Winbourne       Residents Only

6am     S. Clark @ Beckett

6am     Montgomery @ Virginia

6am     Montgomery @ Sherwood

------     Riverside @  Main  ***CLOSED***

6am     Harrison @ Bailey

6am     Winbourne @ Riverside

6am     Emery Crossing @ Summer Place

2pm     S. Clark @ Montgomery  

             - Residents, VIP, Church, Handicap Parking Allowed

2pm     S. Clark @ Sherwood

4pm     Smyser @ Floodwall

4pm     S. Sherwood @ Riverside

4pm     Marriott @ Montgomery

The following will be Closed when necessary due to Safety

N. Clark @ Brown Station Way

Brown Station Way @ Lewis & Clark

Emery Crossing @ McCullough Pike

Culligan @ Brown Station Way

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