We are currently reconstructing the history of the Clarksville Police Department.

Please enjoy the photos as we finalize the history section.  You may click on a photo to enlarge it!


1966 Clarksville Police Department, Stansifer Avenue Station

Front Row:  Bill Austin, Bill Day (Chief), Fred Flowers, Bill Goldman, Jim Rissler, Ronald Kemp

Second Row:  Bill Mitchell, Lynville Amburgey, Clarence Matherly, Harold Plummer, Ford Taylor (Dispatcher), Ronald Deatrick, Wilbure Hume



1968 Clarksville Police Department, Harrison Avenue Station


Front Row:  Jim Rissler, Bill Mitchell, Bill Goldman, Terry Conway, Bill Day (Chief)

Second Row:  Ronald Deatrich, Ford Taylor (Dispatcher), Wilbur Hume, Ronald Kemp, Lynville Amburgey, Harold Plummer, Clarence Matherly, Fred Hays, Bill Austin



1968 Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle


Officer Bill Austin