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Squad 1 (6am to 6pm)
Squad Commander Captain Dale Hennessey  
  Sergeant Dave Maier  
  Corporal Tony Lehman  
  Patrolman Bryan Coburn  
  Patrolman Steve Cunningham  
  Patrolman Willie Weatherford  
  Patrolman Joe Hoskins  
  Patrolman Randy Thomas  
Squad 2 (6am to 6pm)
Squad Commander Captain Mike Johnson  
  Sergeant Mike Fitzgerald  
  Corporal Jason Tackett  
  Patrolman Tony Bryant  
  Patrolman Wayne Townsend  
  Patrolman John Derby  
  Patrolman Kyle Abell  
  Patrolman Artie Popplewell  
Squad 3 (6pm to 6am)
Squad Commander Major Ed McCutcheon  
  Sergeant Ray Hall  
  Corporal / K-9 Tim Beyerle  
  Patrolman Derek Crawford  
  Patrolman Drew Abell  
  Patrolman Jimmy Vanwinkle  
  Patrolman Jacob Lewis  
  Patrolman Ryan Roederer  
Squad 4 (6pm to 6am)
Squad Commander Captain Carl Durbin  
  Sergeant Steve Fryrear  
  Corporal Dave Foote  
  Patrolman Mike Ross  
  Patrolman Ernie Fox  
  Patrolman Brian Roth  
  Patrolman Levi James  
  Patrolman Kevin Conklin  
School Resource Officer
SRO Patrolman Mike Popplewell