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What is a Neighborhood Watch?  

A neighborhood watch is a group of people working together to protect the neighborhood. It forges bonds among area residents, helps reduce burglaries and robberies, and improves relations between the Clarksville Police Department and our community we serve. Residents agree to keep an eye out for suspicious people, reporting loiterers or those engaged in suspicious activities. Neighborhood Watches can also become involved in organizing community events related to crime and safety. This could be any variety of activities such as having a group meeting where you invite a police officer from the community to come in and talk about home security. It all depends on how active the people in your neighborhood want to be. Don't wait for somebody else to get things rolling, though. If you're willing to take the initiative, you'll probably find a lot of people interested in taking measures to keep their home and neighborhood safe.


It works. Throughout the country, dramatic decreases in burglary and related offenses are reported by law enforcement professionals in communities with active Watch programs. 
Today's transient society produces communities that are less personal. Many families have two working parents and children involved in many activities that keep them away from home. An empty house in a neighborhood where none of the neighbors know the owner is a prime target for burglary. 
Neighborhood Watch also helps build pride and serves as a springboard for efforts that address other community concerns such as recreation for youth, child care, and bringing back the value of local housing in your area. 

Ways A Neighborhood Watch Can Help:  

No one knows the neighborhood better than those who live there so suspicious people hanging about or strange cars lurking around the area. These are warning signs that someone who lives in the neighborhood will see and know they don’t belong. Issues such as abandoned cars, noisy neighbors, and neglected yards that devalue the neighborhood, all these problems can be addressed with a neighborhood watch program.

What to look for!  

Describing and Reporting of Events, Vehicles & Persons
Practicing to develop skill in providing quick, accurate descriptions is an excellent NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH meeting activity. 

In attempting to describe events, vehicles or persons, write down the details of what you have observed while they are still fresh in your mind, so your descriptions to law enforcement officials will be as accurate as possible.

Describing Events  

When describing events, write down:
What happened;
When it happened;
Where it happened;
Possible injuries if any;
If weapons are involved and who had them;
Describing Vehicles
When describing vehicles, write down:
Vehicle license number and state, make of vehicle, color and possible year;
Special features, such as 2 or 4 door, mag wheels, damage, tinted windows, etc.;
Direction of travel;
Describe driver and how many may be in the vehicle;

Describing Persons  

When describing persons, write down:
Sex, Race, Possible Age, Height, Weight, Hair Color and Facial Hair;
Clothing, Items Carried, Tattoo’s, Jewelry, Hats, Etc.;

Working together for a safer community!