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2016 Training Hosted by the Clarksville Police Department  
Dates Time Location Description
June 25th, July 2nd, and July 9th 10am to 6pm Clarksville Police Department Civilian Firearms Safety and Training Course

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August 10th thru 12th, 2016 8am to 5pm Clarksville Police Department Southern Police Institute
Leadership for the Law Enforcement Executive

ILEA & KLEC Approved

This course exposes participants to the key elements necessary to be successful as a chief of police/head of a law enforcement agency.  A variety of topics and techniques will be covered that will prepare participants to engage in a management style that will foster a rewarding and successful career as a police chief or head of a law enforcement agency.  The focus of the training course will serve to facilitate executive level decision making techniques that will lead the participants down the road to success.  The instructor conducting the training is an experience administrator, educator, and practitioner.

The learning environment and course exercises are highly interactive with frequent group discussions in order to draw on experience and expertise of the participants themselves as well as from the experience the instructor brings to the classroom.  Practical and scenario-based exercises, along with information sharing and discussion within the class, will provide the opportunity for course participants to understand issues from many different viewpoints to assist them in grasping the concepts as they are discussed.

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Tuition $425 cash/check
$ 445 by credit card