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2015 Training Hosted by the Clarksville Police Department  
Dates Time Location Description
August 10th thru 12th 8am to 5pm Clarksville PD Training Room First Line Supervisor Course

This course is designed to ensure a quality presentation of supervisory skills training for First Line Supervisors, so they can assist their subordinates in being successful law enforcement officers. The course is designed to teach basic skills, techniques and concepts of supervision, with an emphasis on “People Skills”, Communications, and Ethics.

Topics Include:

The Role of the Supervisor
Being a Motivator, a Trainer, and a Mentor
The Role of Law Enforcement as it relates to Human Rights
Law Enforcement Code of Ethics
Change Management and why people resist change
The Principles of Community Policing
Delegation and “Formal Authority”
The importance of Motivation as a Supervisor
The Hierarchy of Needs Theory (Maslow)
The Theory of Human Motives
The importance of being a Leader
Social changes that affect Law Enforcement in today’s society
The value of Goal Setting
Communication and the Supervisor
The process of communication and the barriers that affect such
Active Listening Skills
Handling complaints
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August 25th & 26th 8:30am to 4pm Clarksville PD
Training Room
FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR)

Participation in the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting program can be administratively and logistically beneficial to your agency, your state, and the national UCR Program through the accurate reporting of crime in your particular community as defined by national standards.  In addition, submission of monthly crime statistics to the FBI may enhance your agency's opportunity for various Federal grant monies that are currently available to local and state law enforcement agencies.

This class is FREE OF CHARGE

To enroll, contact:
812.288.7151 x315
Aug 31st thru Sep 4th 8:00am to 4pm Clarksville PD Training Room Detective Level 1

The goal of this course is to provide the law enforcement investigator with time tested and cutting edge investigative tactics and techniques that will allow the investigator to conduct a proper and lawful criminal investigation leading to arrest and successful prosecution of criminal offenders.
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October 13th thru 16th 8:00am to 4:00pm  Clarksville PD Training Room Verbal Defense & Influence INSTRUCTOR

Verbal Defense & Influence is the only training program that teaches people how to respond in an effective manner during stressful interactions – instead of impulsively reacting. In addition, even in the absence of stress, our training improves an individual’s interpersonal and persuasion skills, self-confidence in dealing with others and ability to maintain emotional and physical safety.
The core principles of Verbal Defense & Influence, which have been taught for over 30 years, are grounded in both academic research and real-world application. The structured framework in which these principles have been synthesized makes them simple to learn, remember and apply.

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October 27th thru 29th 8:00am to 5:00pm Clarksville PD Training Room Managing Major Cases

October 30th 8:00am to 5:00pm Clarksville PD Training Room Writing Well for Public Safety

This course emphasizes writing narratives in the first person, and eliminating unnecessary and distracting police jargon that adds nothing to the quality or value of the report. The emphasis is on writing a report for the audience that will use the information it contains (e.g. prosecutors, courts, arbitrators, and civil officials outside of law enforcement.)

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