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2016 Training Hosted by the Clarksville Police Department  
Dates Time Location Description
January 26th thru January 27th, 2017 8am to 5pm Clarksville Police Department

Southern Police Institute

Background Investigations


Course Description:

Background Investigation prepares participants to conduct a legally defensible, job-related police background investigation. Participants will be taken through the background investigative process including the necessary steps for employment, legal  job-related inquiries, and suggested investigative techniques, helpful Web sites, and thorough review of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All participants will be furnished with a manual containing important material and useful forms that will aid the investigator in conducting the background investigation.

Course Topics and Areas of Study:

  • Why background investigations are necessary
  • Conflicts vs. responsibilities for investigators
  • Job-related inquiries
  • Personal history statements and documentation
  • Confidentiality issues
  • Desirable characteristics of the applicant
  • Working with the background investigation manual
  • Real case exhibits and discussions
  • Understanding the ADA
  • Web sites and additional sources of information

Who Should Attend:

Officers responsible for conducting background investigations, training officers, or persons responsible for establishing background investigation programs or protocols.


Tuition:  $400



January 31st thru February 1st, 2017 8am to 4:30pm Clarksville Police Department

Public Safety Managers & Supervisors Leadership Development Program

Course Summary:

This in-depth leadership development program provides participants with effective management and supervisory skills essential for success in today’s challenging public safety environment. Practical examples are presented to public safety organization leaders of all ranks, sworn and civilian, to illustrate successful strategies designed to improve organizational effectiveness and morale. Today’s dynamic, ever-changing public safety field makes this course a must for all those who accept the call to lead.

Course Objectives:


  • Develop Winning Strategies to Confront Today’s Leadership Challenges
  • Establish a Solid Understanding of Exceptional Leadership & Management Principles
  • Discover What Effective Leaders Do and How They Sustain Success
  • Create a Motivated Workplace that Improves Morale & Performance
  • Understanding Commander’s Intent, Unity In Command, Groupthink, Inspect What You Expect, Don’t Let the Training Tape Run Out, Grit and Passion and the Leadership Test
  • Performance Theory, Coaching, Feedback, and Confronting Undesirable Employee and Supervisor Behavior
  • Fundamentals of Management, Supervision & Leadership
  • Build and Maintain Professional Ethics Throughout the Work Environment


Chief Harry P. Dolan (Ret.)
Raleigh Police Department



*Registration fee includes coffee, course materials and certificate of completion.



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